What is Home Connect?

Home Connect enables remote access to home appliances of Bosch, Siemens, Neff, Gaggenau, Thermador, Balay, Constructa, Pitsos & Profilo.
You can use Home Connect to start and stop programs, adjust settings, read status and monitor events.

Developer Guidelines

You are obliged to comply with our Developer Guidelines as stated in our Developer Agreement. The Developer Guidelines consists of five parts related to Security, Data Usage, Branding, Application and Publishing. Please note that the Developer Guidelines, of course, cannot be exhaustive. By applying common sense of how a functional application should work you will in general comply with our Developer Guidelines.
Please contact us in case you have any questions to our Developer Guidelines.

System Architecture

Remote access via Home Connect is provided by the Home Connect API. Direct access to home appliances is not possible. The following graphic shows a high-level overview of the connections between the technical components. The individual items are explained in the text below the graphic.



Via Home Connect the following features are accessible: Programs, Status, Settings, Events & Images.
The available programs differ depending on the appliance. 

Remote Control States

A Home Connect enabled appliance can have different possible states, which reflect how they can be remote controlled.