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The Home Connect App Update is here!

The app update is out from now on! Do you already see yourself looking at the recipes while the vacuum cleaner passes by the couch and the dishwasher splashes quietly in the background? Then make the dream come true!

Bosch Connected Experience

Home Connect along with wide variety of IoT solutions participated in Bosch Connected Experience Hackathon which took place in Berlin on 13-15 May. 700 developers competed in 5 challenges from Mobility and Manufacturing to Buildings and Utility Cross Domain and Social Impact.

Check event page for more information and Home Connect API to be prepared for the next year challenge!

Thermador - Connecting You to More of What You Love

The Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect gives you access to a world of culinary inspiration, including exclusive recipes and product tutorials, control from your smart devices, and remote diagnostics when you need product assistance.

Bosch Roxxter - Intelligent, Small and Powerful

What if your cleaning robot could respond to an accident seconds after you spilled that coffee on the carpet? With plenty of use-cases still to explore, take a closer look at what is possible with the Home Connect API!

Explore what you can do with Home Connect enabled Roxxter and everything else you can do with Home Connect.

Introducing Beta Testing Phase

Introducing Beta Testing Phase

We are happy to announce the launch of the Beta Testing Phase support, giving the possibility to use multiple Home Connect User Accounts to test the same Home Connect API integration. The new feature is available under the Applications tab.

We hope that this will enable the testing your Home Connect integration a quicker and simpler process.

Home Connect makes a connection with NEFF

Another great home appliance partner has decided to join the Home Connect ecosystem. NEFF is a brand beloved by creative food passionates all over the world and together with Home Connect, it’s going to launch a new range of smart appliances. A connected kitchen providing the best results – that’s NEFF quality and Home Connect innovation, working hand in hand for you.

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Bosch Developer Portal

Are you ready to start developing with Bosch? The Bosch Developer Portal is home to Bosch APIs, SDKs and other IoT services that you can use to create your next IoT solution. The platform also provides an active developer community where you can ask questions and get code-level technical support from other developers.