Develop the future with us

Welcome to the Home Connect Developer Program beta. More and more successful services are based on a mixture of physical objects and digital services. This requires open appliance interfaces. We have therefore created this environment to enable you to connect your application with state of the art home appliances with Home Connect. To get started create your developer account.


We have decided to launch this program as a beta so that you get to know our API and quickly learn how to create smart, useful and cool Home Connect compatible applications. Please note as the API access to physical home appliances is at the moment limited to select partners, you can only test the API with our home appliance simulators. The public release is however planned in the coming months. Please sign up for our newsletter to get the latest news.

What's your case?

To give you some inspiration about services that you could come up with our API, we have listed some examples below. On the Home Connect website you can also find information about current partners. Curious? Start working on your own cases and show us how you’re using our appliances in your daily life.

Connected living

You can now link Home Connect enabled home appliances to literally any other smart device in order to create new unique customer experiences. For example, let the oven notify the user when it’s finished cooking by flashing smart light bulbs or message a smart phone that enables the user to turn it off remotely.

Smart services

Provide the user with a full overview of their IoT devices by also integrating the remote monitoring features and information of the Home Connect enabled home appliances into your smart home app. For example let the user start the dishwasher remotely when the energy management system says it has enough power to run the program.

Let us know your ideas…

If you have a really cool idea, that you would like to realize or if you are interested in a partnership please let us know. This will help us to provide you the right services and tools for you to be more successful in the future with the Home Connect API.