Temperature Option






This option defines the temperature of the washing program.

Data type


Possible values

  • Cold
    Key: LaundryCare.Washer.EnumType.Temperature.Cold
    Description: Cold water
  • 20 °C clothes
    Key: LaundryCare.Washer.EnumType.Temperature.GC20
    Description: Optimal for 20 °C washable clothes
  • 30 °C clothes
    Key: LaundryCare.Washer.EnumType.Temperature.GC30
    Description: Optimal for 30 °C washable clothes
  • 40 °C clothes
    Key: LaundryCare.Washer.EnumType.Temperature.GC40
    Description: Optimal for 40 °C washable clothes
  • 50 °C clothes
    Key: LaundryCare.Washer.EnumType.Temperature.GC50
    Description: Optimal for 50 °C washable clothes
  • 60 °C clothes
    Key: LaundryCare.Washer.EnumType.Temperature.GC60
    Description: Optimal for 60 °C washable clothes
  • 70 °C clothes
    Key: LaundryCare.Washer.EnumType.Temperature.GC70
    Description: Optimal for 70 °C washable clothes
  • 80 °C clothes
    Key: LaundryCare.Washer.EnumType.Temperature.GC80
    Description: Optimal for 80 °C washable clothes
  • 90 °C clothes
    Key: LaundryCare.Washer.EnumType.Temperature.GC90
    Description: Optimal for 90 °C washable clothes

Typically supported by US/CA appliances:

  • Cold
    Key: LaundryCare.Washer.EnumType.Temperature.UlCold
    Description: Optimal for cold washable clothes
  • Warm
    Key: LaundryCare.Washer.EnumType.Temperature.UlWarm
    Description: Optimal for warm washable clothes
  • Hot
    Key: LaundryCare.Washer.EnumType.Temperature.UlHot
    Description: Optimal for hot washable clothes
  • Extra hot
    Key: LaundryCare.Washer.EnumType.Temperature.UlExtraHot
    Description: Optimal for extra hot washable clothes


Please note that most of our appliances dynamically update the API over the available options upon selection of the program. Therefore, the simplest and safest implementation would be to first select a program without any option and then query the available options of this program and for example dynamically present them on UI.


GET /api/homeappliances/{haid}/programs/active/options/LaundryCare.Washer.Option.Temperature