API made by us for you to explore

Home Connect offers a RESTful API to control and monitor enabled home appliances. The following chapters provide details about the usage of this API. For a quick start you can use our API client based on Swagger.

Endpoints and Data Encoding

API of simulated home appliances


API of physical home appliances

https://api.home-connect.com or

https://api.home-connect.cn - This domain has to be used if you want to create an application for China. In this case please enable Sync to China in the account settings.


Data Encoding

The Home Connect API is based on HTTPS carrier with JSON data encoding.

All JSON transfer units are encoded with the following structure:

{ // API Response Object
    "data": { ... },  // JSON Object containing the content of a successful request. Absent in case of error.
    "error": { ... }  // API Error Object containing details / reasons for the error. Absent in case of success.