If you have questions, we recommend to look through our FAQs where we collect the most common problems and questions with the related answers and solutions.

Is the access to the developer program free?

Yes, the Home Connect Developer Program is free (as in free beer). However, it is not open source.

Why do you launch in beta mode?

We have decided to launch this program as a beta so that you get to know our API and learn fast how to create smart, useful and cool Home Connect compatible applications. In the beta mode, you can register, and test the API with our home appliance simulators. However, it is not yet possible to connect it to physical Home Connect appliances. While we are more than happy to get your first feedback, we are working with full speed to launch the public developer program shortly. Stay tuned.

What can I do if I experience problems?

As the developer program is still in beta, we appreciate your feedback if you notice any bugs or issues. That way we will be able to identify and fix the bugs faster. Please use our contact form if you want to send us feedback. The link can be found in the footer.

Which home appliances does the API support?

The API currently supports the following home appliance categories: oven, dishwasher, coffee machine, fridge/freezer, washer and dryer. The API is model agnostic, i.e. no model specific implementation is necessary. Further categories will follow in the future.

What is the difference between a Basic and an Advanced Account?

In addition to the standard offering of getting access to Home Connect API with remote monitoring functionalities (i.e. read the status of the home appliance), technical documentation and home appliance simulators, Advanced Account holders can also implement remote control functionalities such as starting or stopping the home appliance.

How do I upgrade my account to an Advanced Account?

Please go to your profile in your account area to upgrade your account.

Do my users need to have a Home Connect account?

Yes, all home appliances must be associated with a Home Connect account. A Home Connect user can register an account in the Home Connect app.

How can I test my application?

Purchase a home appliance with Home Connect. They are excellent anyway, and you should own one. But seriously: we have developed server-based home appliance simulators to make it easy for you to test your application. Please note that the simulators don’t fully simulate a physical home appliance e.g. error handling is not fully supported. You can find the simulators in your account area. But you should still buy a new home appliance. With Home Connect.

Do I need to submit my app for approval?

While there is no official approval procedure for your Home Connect compatible application, please make sure to read our Home Connect Developer Agreement carefully launching your application. Breach of our terms may lead to a deactivation of your developer account. Please also make sure to read our Developer Guidelines that you find in the left side menu. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do I need to follow any specific developer guidelines?

Yes, we have defined developer guidelines related to security, data usage and branding that you need to consider before releasing your app. Please also make sure to read our Home Connect Developer Agreement carefully before launching your application.

Are there any limitations in the usage?

see Rate Limiting