General - Endpoints and Data Encoding

Home Connect offers a RESTful API to control and monitor enabled home appliances. The following chapters provide details about the usage of this API. For a quick start you can use our API client based on Swagger.


API of simulated home appliances

API client - Simulated home appliances

API of physical home appliances (access limited to select partners - stay tuned for the public release)

API client - Physical home appliances



Simulated home appliances

Authorization API: [authorize|token]

Home appliance API:

Physical home appliances

Authorization API: [authorize|token]

Home appliance API:


Data Encoding

The Home Connect API is based on HTTPS carrier with JSON data encoding.

All JSON transfer units are encoded with the following structure:

{ // API Response Object
    "data": { ... },  // JSON Object containing the content of a successful request. Absent in case of error.
    "error": { ... }  // API Error Object containing details / reasons for the error. Absent in case of success.